Our Work

What we Do:

Luftkraft is a full suite custom fabrication shop. Providing such services as listed below:

Custom Fabrication

TIG Welding
 •  Steel
 • Aluminum
 • Titanium

MIG Welding

Metal Work
 • Custom Components
 • Parts repair/restoration

Custom Machine Work
 • Part Creation/Prototyping

Tube Work
 • Custom Automotive Finish Work

Paint Work
 • Custom Paint/Paint Repair

Wheel Detailing
 • Custom Wheel refinishing

Engine Detailing
 • Custom powdercoating and liquid paint
 • Custom accessory fabrication

Performance Coatings
 • Internal Flow Coating
 • External Ceramic Coating
 • Automotive Restoration

Complete Automotive Restoration
 • Bodywork
 • Paint
 • Mechanical
 • Engine Rebuild (Concours Cars)

Why LuftKraft?:

Quality – All products created and services performed by Luftkraft will maintain highest level of quality. We believe that quality is something that is often lacking in products
 these days and therefore we strive to maintain the highest level of quality in all our work. Our products and services will be made by hand in house right here in Colorado
 Springs. Each project will be completed with care as if it were our own.

Attention to Detail – In order to maintain lofty Quality expectation attention to detail is key. Many of the products and services that Luftkraft offers are very intricate and
 difficult to produce. To successfully execute these services to the clients expectations the staff at Luftkaraft must exhibit an extreme attention to detail. Attention to detail
 has largely been responsible for the success of previous projects and staff at Luftkraft continues this theme through everything they do.

Honesty – Honesty is a quality that never goes out of style. Luftkraft prides itself on honesty in every aspect of their small business. Customers can feel reassured that the
 products and services that they are seeking will be completed on time and as promised. Luftkraft will keep an open line of communication throughout the project process giving
 the customer full disclosure on their project at all times.

Service – Customer service is the cornerstone of any successful small business. The staff at Luftkraft understands this and pride themselves on excellent customer service and look to include the customer in every aspect of the process. The Staff at Luftkraft will work directly with each customer to ensure that the customers expectations are being met and that the finished product will be exactly what they wanted.

Style – At Luftkraft we are passionate about our work. We believe that automobiles are not only functional but are also in many aspects a form of rolling art. With this in mind
 we know that the work we do has to reflect this thought. The goal of Luftkraft is to create products that not only improve the performance of the automobiles but also greatly
 enhance the visual appeal. Luftkraft combines a wide range of influences from all over to create hand crafted top quality components that are definitively Luftkraft.



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