The Shop

Who we are:

Located on the westside of Colorado Springs, Luftkraft Fabrication is a small custom fabrication shop that focuses primarily on vintage automobiles.

The full suite shop offers all manor of fabrication from simple welding to complete automotive restorations.

Long-time friends Mark and Kris share a passion for vintage automobiles and their restoration/preservation. Both Mark and Kris own numerous vintage vehicles and have spent a large portion of their spare time repairing and restoring them. During the course of these restorations Mark and Kris began to notice the positive reception that their work was receiving.

With this positive reception came requests from other enthusiasts for such things as creative direction, mechanical knowledge, and custom part fabrication for their particular projects. While they tried to accommodate as many requests as possible they were limited by the amount of time they could dedicate to each request.

At the time both Mark and Kris maintained full time jobs in other industries and struggled to meet the demand they we seeing. With this in mind the pair determined that there was a strong enough market to dedicate themselves fulltime and began to set the foundation for what is now Luftkraft.

The next several years were spent collecting equipment and honing their skills with the goal of one day opening the fabrication shop. In early 2013 Mark and Kris took the leap and opened Luftkraft Fabrication.

Luftkraft looks to cater the good taste of vintage and performance automotive enthusiasts. With skill, dedication and style Luftkraft brings exciting, attractive and well built products and services to the vintage and performance automotive community.



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